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Welcome to the Computational Biophysics Harrington Symposium Web Page!

March 10th Annocuement: Due to the COVID-19 global outbreak, the symposium has been canceled. Our top priority is everyone’s heath and well-being.

Please contact Mike Schnieders with any questions (michael-schnieders@uiowa.edu).


Meeting Dates

Thursday, March 26th to Saturday, March 28th, 2020

The AT&T Hotel and Conference Center
1900 University Avenue
Austin, TX 78705

All out of town speakers have rooms reserved for them at the AT&T Hotel and Conference Center for Thursday, March 26th and Friday, March 27th (paid for by the Harrington Fellows Program).


Thursday, March 26th: Informal Reception at 6pm at Gabriel’s Café (located on the hotel side lower lobby, inside the University Avenue entrance).

Friday, March 27th: All Day Symposium & Dinner -- 8:00am to ~8:30pm (see details below).

Saturday, March 28th: Student Presentations & Informal Workshop for Collaborations -- 8:30am to noon (Engineering Education and Research Center (EER), Room 1.518, 2501 Speedway, Austin, TX 78712).

Friday Symposium Schedule: 

Location: The AT&T Hotel and Conference Center (breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided).

All talks are 25 minutes, with 5 minutes reserved for questions and discussion.

8:00am to 8:30am,  Breakfast

8:30am to 9:00am,  Carlos Baiz, UT Austin, "Hydrogen-bond dynamics at lipid/water interfaces: combining with ultrafast spectroscopy with MD simulations"

9:00am to 9:30am,  Eric Dybeck, Pfizer, "A Comparison of Methods for Capturing Hydrate-Anhydrate Transition Thermodynamics"

9:30am to 10:00am,  Ron Elber, UT Austin, "Studies of membrane structure and permeation"

10:00am to 10:15am Morning Coffee Break

10:15am to 10:45am  Tim Fenn, Prevail Therapeutics

10:45 am to 11:15am  Justin McCallum, University of Calgary, "Approximating conformational distributions using Boltzmann Generators."

11:15 am to 11:45am  Jean-Philip Piquemal, Sorbonne Université

11:45pm to 12:15pm  Jay Ponder, Washington U. in St. Louis, "AMOEBA Free Energy Calculations: Lessons from the SAMPL7 Host-Guest Challenge"

12:15am to 1:15pm Lunch 

1:15pm to 1:45pm  Josh Rackers, Sandia National Lab

1:45pm to 2:15pm  Pengyu Ren, UT Austin

2:15pm to 2:45pm  Michael Schnieders, U. Iowa

2:45pm to 3:15pm  Jana Shen, U. of Maryland, "Developing a pH stat for all-atom PME molecular dynamics: progress and challenges."

3:15pm to 3:30pm  Afternoon Coffee Break

3:30pm to 4:00pm  Lauren Webb, UT Austin, "Experiments and Simulations of Electrostatic Fields in Proteins."

4:00pm to 4:30pm  Wei Yang, Florida State U. 

4:30pm to 5:00pm  Dan Zuckerman, Oregon Health & Science University, "Why and how to use non-Markov information in analyzing multi-trajectory datasets."

5:00pm to 6:30pm  Break

6:30pm to ~8:30pm  Group Dinner at the Carillon (located within the AT&T Hotel and Conference Center).

We thank the UT Austin Harrington Fellows Program for funding this symposium.

Michael Schnieders, U. of Iowa
Pengyu Ren, UT Austin